Institutional Distinctiveness

The institute Vision

To impart the best technical and management education instilled with discipline, values and leadership qualities that will produce professional technocrats. The Institute Mission has the following three stands:

    The institute conduct, work etiquette and performance revolves around the adherence and compliance of procedures, practices to fulfill the above. In summary, reflecting on the vision and mission statements, the institution focuses on (holistic student development). Since the institute predominantly caters to the students belonging to the rural community and to provide means and methods for holistic professional education are also reflecting of the institute’s commitment for the same. Deriving from the traditional values and norms combined with modern methodologies the thirst has been on holistic professional development of the student through the following means. Adherence to pre-defined discipline norms for the students Effective counseling system catering to academic and social needs Engaging the students through practical learning through workshops, training, and internships Sensitization and involvement of the student on green energy and eco-friendly practices since the institution also uses solar energy to meet all its energy demands Encouraging student’s participation in professional association and charters. Proactive of student in addressing socially pertain causes such as save water etc. (Since institute is being located in drought prone region). Exposure to the students to the student through virtual learning for better interaction with outside institutes, experts. Encouraging students to participate outside technical symposiums and workshops so as to make them to networks other compatriots. To make the students learn organization abilities and leadership qualities, students’ associations are formed department wise and opportunities are given to them to conduct technical symposium called “VISTOSA”.

      To encourage innovation and creativity “IDEA club” acts as a platform. The EDC focuses on identify, nurture the ability being entrepreneurial among the students. The institute adheres to all the norms and regulations of the statuary authorities so as to make the students also to prepare themselves to be law avoidance citizens of tomorrow. To maintain the transparency and objectivity with all the stakeholders ECAP, an ERP package is primarily used. Different support mechanisms are built to address issues of academic weak learners, socially disadvantaged community students. To appreciate and to recognize student performances and achievements the institute honors on the annual day which truly has been motivating remaining students. As indicated above all the exercises are meticulously carried out so as to comply with the objective of the providing holistic professional education to complete alignment with Institute Vision and three stands of the Mission.


Institutional Distinctiveness
The institution was started by educationists and philanthropists under the umbrella of Krishna Teja Group of Institutions, a non-profitable organization with a sole aim of offering quality education. The management is open minded and always strives for the betterment of the system. The institution is continuously thriving in its pursuit to produce good quality engineers. The students are the strength for the Institution. The quality of the academic activity is the top priority of the Institution at all times. The energy levels and the enthusiasm are well nurtured by providing more avenues for students like Innovation Challenges, Hackathons, symposia, technical, cultural, literary clubs apart from the solid foundations in the domains of Technology. The curriculum is revised regularly to suit the requirements of industry. All the programmes are run under Outcome Based Education (OBE) format with Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). More flexibility to student to opt for Open Electives, Free Electives and Skill Based Lab Electives is provided. Additional support for students in the form of CRT, Skill development courses for campus recruitments, GATE provides an additional edge to students. The institute is known for Consistent quality placements. Committed faculty and good academic ambiance is our strength. The average retention rate is very high. Faculty comprises of over 50 Doctorates. Academic freedom and incentives for research, consultancy and patenting gives a boost to the morale of the faculty to excel. Right mix of all levels of faculty leads to better balance of research, administration and academic works. Faculty are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge through FDPs and Certifications. The institution has been enjoying the status of Autonomy for first cycles. In its pursuit to impart holistic education, the institution provides the right ambiance and scope to students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular and Innovation activities. A dedicated Innovation Cell is functioning with a structured approach to bring out best of the students. Good sports facilities supervised by qualified personnel is an added strength. The quality of the output is demonstrated through continuous quality placements of the students and options for higher education.