Policies and Maintenance of CRECA

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The following common facilities are open to all students for effective utilization and better maintenance of physical facilities, there are clearly specified procedure exist. The five fully furnished seminar halls which are used for all academic purposes have to be pre booked for their usage clearly specifying time, date and any specific additional arrangement to be done. On receipt of the same subjected to the availability requisite seminar hall among the five is allotted by the in charge. The in charge for these five seminar halls monitors the up keep and maintenance of these seminar halls.

      Every department has a house keeping in charge (an additional responsibility of faculty member) shall monitor general up keep of the department resources such as class rooms, laboratories and faculty rooms and lodges any maintenance complaint available in the institute engineer’s office. The institute engineer’s office has three types of registers for civil, electrical and general maintenance complaints. Any complaint registered in any of the category shall be attended with in a maximum of 24hours and status of complaint also registered. All the registered shall be verified once a week by the office of the principal. Every laboratory in every department has a maintenance register where in weekly maintenance details have to be recorded which will we verified by the concerned lab in charge and respective HOD, every fortnight these registers will be pre verified by the office of the principal. The institute also has an annual stock verification review where in stock verification committee will form (Two members from other departments, one member from home department) which will verify all the stock equipment, machinery etc. and also indicates any obsolete to be return off.

     On compilation of such stock verification report across the entire institute wherever it is necessary items/equipment is return off. Library follows certain protocols in the usage of books. The entry register is kept for both staff and student at the entrance to the library. Anybody who enters the library must enter in the register to use the facilities in the library. Library committee set up a book bank system for students. By this system, new books will be issued for every semester to the students only after the previous semester borrowed books are returned in good condition. At the end of every semester, all the students must return the books to the library. Likewise the teachers are allowed to take five books for every semester. The institute operates 8 buses to help students and the employees to commute safe and conveniently from places such as Renigunta, Tiruchanur, Tirupati Town, Chandragiri and Tirupati RS. These buses allow only students and employees who have valid bus pass issued by the institute. The buses are fitted with speed governors so that the maximum speed of the buses is restricted to 60KMPH.The indoor and open-air auditorium is also used on a pre booked basis and follows the similar procedures and that of seminar hall.

Boys & Girls Hostel Facility

     The institute maintains separate hostels for boys and girls. Boys‟ hostel is located within the campus and can accommodate 250 students. The Girls hostel is located in Tirupati town, not very far from the campus, in an area of one acre green and pleasant premises. Hygienic and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided every day. There are exclusive wardens for Boys hostel and girls’ hostel to maintain discipline and general decorum of the hostel. First-year students are always accommodated in separate buildings to avoid ragging Strict Anti-ragging policies in place and serious action against those who commit ragging. Nonveg is served on Tuesdays. Hostels are powered with uninterrupted solar power.

     Tie up with local doctors and hospitals to treat the students in case of any medical needs. College vehicle along with driver available 24/7, to meet any sort of emergencies. Security surveillance cameras for the security of the students. Facilities for indoor and outdoor games like Table tennis, Badminton, Basket Ball,

Volleyball, Cricket are available for the recreation of the students as also a gymnasium.